La Donatella – Italian Frozen Desserts

In 1946 Giuseppe Marconato, a master pastry maker, set up a pastry shop, dedicating all his great experience, efforts and creativity.

In slightly more than a decade, La Donatella grew and became a company with two production facilities.

The artisan production of fresh cakes, croissants and fine pastries has continued till to our days.

And the artisan quality of the first days has combined with leading-edge technologies.

Frozen products guarantee long-term freshness while maintaining the same nutritional values and taste.

La Donatella places the utmost attention and care in producing and decorating the finest artisan pastries, while also using modern equipment and leading-edge technologies.

The result is a product that offers the fine taste of artisan pastries and the guarantee of absolutely genuine products.

And all this is achieved without any use of any food preservatives.

A huge assortment of around 50 different desserts assure to any professional of catering business the right choice for his specific needs. Most of the cakes can be also supplied already cut (factory precut) to ensure portion and cost control and to ease the waitresses’ work.

La Donatella a smart, efficient and sweet choice for the catering professionals.


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